Like a lot of people, our plans were turned to toast by lockdown; we were unemployed bakers with lots of time on our hands.

But every cloud has a silver lining . . .  and for us it was having the time to perfect a vegan buns recipe we'd been trying to master for ever.

This meant baking a load more buns that we could ever eat, so we started giving them away to people we bumped into; baristas, hairdressers, electricians, everyone basically.

Soon we noticed the odd random act of kindness; a little discount here, a little favour there, and the odd freebie too.

Maybe people appreciated the thought. 
Maybe the buns were really good. 
Maybe both.

We decided to put faith in the buns, so we converted a disused shop in an unloved part of town into a micro bun bakery. And from a few kind words from a handful of nice people, things just grew from there.

Good things happen when you share buns

When ordering you can add some (free) gifting bags and stickers to your box, to make it super-easy to gift a bun or two with a message like 'thanks' or 'you star'. 

And if you need a bigger gesture, why not send a whole box of buns to someone with a personalised message inside?

Either way, you’ll make someone’s day. Because giving buns is like giving hugs. (Just a lot more delicious).

love, Mike & Nat x